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What is Wushu?

Wushu Origin

Wushu, which is also referred to as kung-fu, Chinese Martial Arts is the collective term for the martial art practices which originated and developed in China.

Wushu, also known as Chinese Martial Arts is the well-spring of all Asian martial practices.Wushu Origins may be traced back to early man and his struggle for survival in the harsh environment during Bronze Age (3000 – 1200BC), or even earlier, a struggle that led to the developments of techniques to defend against both wild animals and other human beings.


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About Us

Shinwu Enterprise was set up in 2003 to promote the growth and interest in Wushu among the young and old.

The founder, Mr Jimmy Lee was an ex-national player turned coach. He was a proud winner of a Bronze medal (Spear) in 93’ SEAGAMES. Jimmy has 30 years of coaching under his belt and had trained numerous students throughout his years of coaching and was an ex-committee member of Singapore National Wushu and Lion Dance Federation.

He is also an International Coach and Judge with the said Federation.We are also pleased to share that our head coach, Mr Jimmy has been the coach for Hwa Chong Institution and had received an Appreciation Award for his 12 years of service in 2012.

Under his guidance, Hwa Chong Institution has been in the TOP 4 overall winners since 2001, with numerous years of Champion under his tutelage.Because of his positive influence in his coaching, many of his students were members of the National Team and some had pursue the path of coaching and had passed on the dignity, discipline and integrity of learning Wushu.

Shinwu Enterprise believed in being engaging in motivating students, growing their passion and imparting in them the good discipline in Wushu.Our coaches have gone through strict criteria before they were selected to enroll for the Coaches accreditation programme.

We provide a good network of support for our Coaches and the schools under our charge. Shinwu Enterprise believed in growth and promoting growth.


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Wushu Classes

We conduct many differenct Wushu Classes for all ages that includes the Wushu Training for beginners, Tai Chi for Beginners & Elderly, Wushu Enrichment Classes & BaguaZhang & TongBeiQuan.

We understand it can be overwhelming to make a choice, call us for a friendly discussion for us to understand your needs to put up recommendations for you or your kids. 


Why Choose Us


The Sports arm of Shinwu Enterprise made provision to the growing needs of the the Martial Arts Practitioners both Singapore and overseas.

As an extension to the coaching services, Shinwu Enterprise’s retail arm does retailing of Wushu Equipments, Apparels and Footwear.Based in Singapore, Shinwu Sports offers a comprehensive range of good quality marital arts produces and training equipment at reasonable and competitive prices.


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I like to learn Broadsword and like to do the kicks. Coach Emily is very patience in teaching us. She always teach us step by step.

It is very difficult to do the split. I love the obstacles course most. I also like Jordan’s Nanquan performance.

I hope one day I can perform the same too. I look forward to learning Cudgel soon.

I’ve enrolled my 9 year old son into the Wushu class one year back in an attempt to go beyond stressful academic studies and improve his physique and agility.  Thankfully, his coach was great in her teaching style!

She had patiently guided my son as well as correcting his posture, motivating him to learn the right positions and style. She is able to interest the kids and push them to pursue beyond what they can achieve.  Wushu has built confidence and taught my son to be more discipline.

I love Wushu! I want to learn from Coach! Haha, 5yrs old

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