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Weapons, Apparels and Footwear are an essentials of Martial Arts Training and Competition.

Good and comfortable Shinwu Products will intrinsically enhance your performance and effectively bring your potential to the fullest.

The Sports arm of Shinwu Enterprise caters to the growing needs of Martial Arts Practitioners in Singapore and overseas.

Based in Singapore, Shinwu Sports offers a comprehensive range of good quality martial arts products and training equipments at competitive prices.

Wushu Coach Jimmy

Shinwu Enterprise was set up in 2003 to promote the growth and interest in Wushu among the young and old. The founder, Mr Jimmy Lee was an ex-national player turned coach. He was a proud winner of a Bronze medal (Spear) in 93’ SEAGAMES.

Jimmy has 30 years of coaching under his belt and had trained numerous students throughout his years of coaching and was an ex-committee member of Singapore National Wushu and Lion Dance Federation. He is also an International Coach and Judge with the said Federation.

We are also pleased to share that our head coach, Mr Jimmy has been the coach for Hwa Chong Institution and had received an Appreciation Award for his 12 years of service in 2012. Under his guidance, Hwa Chong Institution has been in the TOP 4 overall winners since 2001, with numerous years of Champion under his tutelage.

Because of his positive influence in his coaching, many of his students were members of the National Team and some had pursue the path of coaching and had passed on the dignity, discipline and integrity of learning Wushu.

Shinwu Enterprise believed in being engaging in motivating students, growing their passion and imparting in them the good discipline in Wushu. Our coaches have gone through strict criteria before they were selected to enroll for the Coaches accreditation programme.

We provide a good network of support for our Coaches and the schools under our charge. Shinwu Enterprise believed in growth and promoting growth.



Overseas Training Opportunity

Shinwu Enterprise also has an education arm that does overseas training and had tied down training courses with Beijing SHICHAHAI Sports School, who does training for Beijing Wushu National Team.


Why Choose Us


The Right Experience

Our Master Coach, Jimmy Lee is an ex-National player who had participated in numerous international competitions. He is detailed and is persistent in ensuring that the students do their movements correctly. His international experience, both at Coaching and Judging increased his exposure to the Martial Arts coaching and learning.

During 2001, he was sent for coaching course at Beijing, China to learn the 2nd International Competitive routines by the now known as Singapore National Wushu, Lion and Dragon Dance Federation. Upon his return, he was appointed to coach both the local coaches and National Team Players in bid to prepare them for the development of the said routines and for National Team to participate in the International Competitions.

Coach Jimmy was one of the few coaches that competed in almost all the routines at the National Level, thus he was regarded as one the few more versatile players during the competitive days.

Because of his dedications and persistence, he select his partnering coaches carefully and selectively. Coach Jimmy will also ensure that the coaches had a good grasp of the system we designed in Coaching. It is extremely important that in coaching, we recognise and identify each practitioner’s potential and dedication accurately and promptly.


The Right Skills

“The top players may not be the best coaches” – a famous saying once goes this way. Indeed, an excellent player may not be the best coach if he is unable to identify the right way to coach a practitioner.

Wushu is an extremely demanding sports, as it requires the usage of all muscles, including facial expression. Such is the dedication of the Art. Therefore, at Shinwu, we emphasize on the skills of the Coaches to deliver the coaching session effectively and efficiently.

To do that, our Coaches are carefully selected based on their skills and their effectiveness in lesson delivery. As senior coaches, we will groom the younger ones and passed on the right skills in Wushu coaching to them, in the pursuit of the developing and promoting Wushu holistically.


The Right Method

Sports coaching is one of the hardest activity to participate in. Wushu is one of the hardest discipline to be in as it requires strong and sharp display of movements. Therefore, Shinwu had developed its own training module and system to prepare and train the Wushu students in the development of their skills.

The right method will not only develop their physical strength, it will also develop their mental and emotional strength. Efficient and effective coaching in Wushu will allow the practitioners to develop and grow holistically and will boast their confidence and value development as a person. Therefore, the right method is an important factor in Wushu coaching.


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