Kung Fu For Kids in Singapore

Wushu / Kungfu is highly suitable for kids as they start their muscular development from 2 years and sports enhances their kinetics development.

Young children should be exposed to sports when they are young so as to train their memory skills, processing of instruction and improving their eye-limbs coordination.


kung fu for kids in Singapore


Kids learn exceptionally well in a physical environment, coupled with a strong trainer, they will learn values, discipline, perseverance and determination. Kungfu for kids has been proven to bring out the potential in the kids, and enhanced their concentration and focus on tasks.Besides this, Kungfu / Wushu for kids enables the kids to learn systematically and be task oriented.

Kungfu / wushu is part of sports. Sports, in its finest form provide many positive opportunities and experience for its participants.Kungfu for kids, being a part of performing and combat sports effectively provides opportunities for individual and group learning.

It provides an avenue for a full-body workout and helps to improve one’s, especially for the young children fitness, mind and body. Sports allow the children to build their strength and physic slowly and steadily.

As they grow their strength physically, they will develop both their psychological and emotional strength which is vital in their development as an outstanding individuals. Therefore kungfu/ Wushu for kids provides a systematic learning journey that tracks and measured the kid’s growth and development.


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We conduct many different Wushu Classes for all ages in Singapore that includes the Wushu Training for beginnersTai Chi for Beginners & ElderlyWushu Enrichment ClassesWing ChunBaguaZhang & TongBeiQuan.

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