Taichi Classes for Beginners

Tai Chi Classes for beginners is beneficial for people who have never experienced Tai Chi before and is keen to try a sport that is less impactful on the joints, especially so for the elderly, and it’s has a more stable and smooth tempo.

The beginner’s class will emphasize learning the basic stances, movement and it’s routine. Learners will learn ways that will guide them in their first learning steps in Tai Chi. The program starts with warm-up exercises and will run through the lessons in such a manner that you can achieve the benefits.


Tai Chi Classes For Beginners


Tai Chi Class Benefits:

  • Improve your health and quality of life
  • Enjoy the gentle tai chi movements
  • Improve relax and harmony
  • Enjoy learning an art that you can continue to grow and progress
  • Improve muscular strength, fitness and flexibility
  • Enjoy the camaraderie of tai chi friends
  • Improve balance and confidence


Other Wushu Classes

We conduct many different Wushu Classes for all ages in Singapore that includes the Wushu Training for beginners, Tai Chi For ElderlyWushu Enrichment Classes, BaGuaZhang, Wing Chun & TongBeiQuan.

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