Wushu Enrichment Classes

School Wushu Classes (CCA)

Wushu has evolved from the traditional Wushu that are being taught in the clans, and Associations with the purpose of continuing the mastery of traditional forms of Wushu to competitive, aesthetic performing Arts form.

Incepted in the early 2000s, school competitions have been wider participated by increasing number of schools, setting new record of participants annually.

Shinwu’s coaches has teaching in Schools before it was incepted as a School Core Curriculum Activity (CCA) and had won numerous medals in the National Inter-School Championships.

Specific competitive routines are competed at National Inter-School Championships, in accordance to the competitive routines that are competed at International Games.

Examples of School Competition Routines:







Wushu Enrichment Singapore

School Wushu Classes (Enrichment)

Wushu Enrichment class has gained its popularity upon the introduction of the school SEP program. As Schools recognized the benefits of Wushu, Wushu Enrichment Class has been picked up regularly as one of the programs as it not only builds up the students’ physique, it also strengthens their mental strengths and builds their determination.

Shinwu’s coaches are experienced coaches who can muster the students’ interest in learning and team bonding among the students.

Students will go through a structured program that will chart their learning and strength and standardized their learning as Wushu Enrichment classes are usually split into smaller groups to be helmed by different coaches.

It is therefore important that the coaches are trained and well versed in the curriculum knowledge that is required of them.


Benefits of Wushu Enrichment Class

  • Ignite the students’ interest in Chinese Culture
  • Provide opportunities for experiential learning
  • Exploratory journey for the young minds
  • Kinetic skills training
  • Selection of potential trainees for the school team
  • Class bonding


Other Wushu Classes

We conduct many different Wushu Classes for all ages in Singapore that includes the Wushu Training for beginnersTai Chi for Beginners & Elderly, Wing ChunBaguaZhang & TongBeiQuan.

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