Wushu Program For Corporate

Who do we work with?

Wushu Corporate Programmes (WSP) worked with HR managers to devise health and wellness programme, as well as team building activities for the employees of the company, which aims to build team cohesion and stronger bonding.


How are the programmes structured?

WSP are tailored and structured in accordance to the needs of the organisation, in terms, health, wellness and social needs. We provide specialised programme on both ad-hoc and long term basis, in line with targeted goals and needs.

The duration of the programme is usually between 1.5hrs to 3hrs, depending on the group size and goals set.


What benefits are there for the participants and their organisations?


Other Wushu Programs

We conduct many different Wushu Programs for all individuals & Corporate in Singapore that includes the School Enrichment Program and Pre-schooler/Childcare Wushu Program.

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