Pre-schoolers / Childcare Wushu Programmes (Shinztots)

Who do we work with?

Shinztots is one our signature programmes where we work with Pre-schools and Childcare centres to provide experiential learning in Wushu for the Tots between 4 yrs to 6 yrs.

It’s a specially designed programme targeted to develop their kinetics abilities, strengths, instructions listening, social and cognitive skills.


Wushu Preschoolers Childcare Program Singapore

It bears the following benefits:

  • Specially designed for participants aged 4-6yrs
  • Early exposure to Chinese Cultural and its roots
  • Building of Chinese Language abilities with the toddlers
  • Character building – Preservation and determination, confidence building
  • Motor Skills development – Early exposure to coordination and kinetics abilities
  • Neurolinguistics development – Processing skills and memory abilities, abilities to reflect and react.


How are the programme structured?

ShinzTots programme are structured between 45 mins to 1hr, where the learner will be exposed to basic foundation of Wushu such as 马步,弓步,虚步,等 and foundation of 冲拳and 推掌.

ShinzTots learners will also be exposed to simple roll and flip movements to improve their agility and coordination.


Other Wushu Programs

We conduct many different Wushu Programs for all individuals & Corporate in Singapore that includes the School Enrichment Program and Corporate team building & Wushu Program.

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