Wushu Performances in Singapore

Shinz Performing group is helmed by a group of enthusiast Wushu practitioners who are experienced and well-versed in the Art.

A relatively young but highly experienced team who can choreograph and customized the performance according to the theme of the event. It seeks to entice the spectators and to achieve the performing goal of the organizer.


Wushu performance Singapore


Being versatile and well-versed in their Art, Shinz Performing group is able to perform for a variety of events, such as malls’ festive celebrations, gala dinners, opening, school’s special performances, and many more.

The performing group is able to plan and execute strong and solid performances.



Other Wushu Services

We provide other Wushu Services for all individuals & Corporate events in Singapore that includes the Dragon & Lion Dance Performance.

Call us for a friendly discussion for us to understand your needs to put up recommendations for you or your organisation. Personalised or customised service is possible to cater to different needs. 

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